Be a DONOR in the KNOW

Way of Holiness Retreat Centre and Lay Community believes that transparency to our donors is important so we provide a yearly financial review that you can view at any time. We do this because our donors are important to us and by being transparent with them they can see where their donations are being spent.

Thank you for supporting our mission with your donation

We are a registered Charity "Way Of Holiness Christian Association of Hinton" #108193707RR0001
We will provide you with a year end tax receipt for your income tax purposes.

Projected Monthly Expenses 

*These numbers fluctuate immensely depending on how many lay community members we have living here, how many group retreats we host and how many people come for personal retreat.

  • Natural Gas - $1115/mo budgeted with year end payment if over monthly budget payment.
  • Power - $1500/mo this is one of expenses that fluctuates a TON depending on how many people are in the building and how they use the electricity.
  • Food - $1000 - $2000/mo currently we have been trying to keep this budget very low by using what we already have and not purchasing items such as fresh produce. However when we have the income we try to provide fresh fruit and vegetables for staff and guests.
  • Insurance - $1500 a year for water truck and other corporate insurances required.
  • Building & equipment upkeep - $500 - $5000/mo depending on what is in need of repair. In October we had a $5000 boiler repair bill. Our aging facility is in need of serious renovation and rejuvenation of all its major systems. Right now we are just trying to keep them in functioning order. 
  • Gas/Diesel- $250/mo used for the water truck, lawnmowers, and other gadgets that take gas or diesel
  • Water - $50 - $300 a month this depends on water usage and how many guests are staying at the facility. We average 4 trips a month. Low month is 3 trips and a busy month is 8+ trips
  • Other - $500- $2000 this can be supplies for household, laundry, internet, small repairs, renovation etc.