About  Our Foundress

The Way of Holiness Retreat Center & Lay Community was founded by Sr. Mary-Jo Cassidy, in 1981. In the 1970's Sr. Mary-Jo felt God calling her to found a place that would provide people an opportunity for rest, healing, reflection, and prayer. Her vision was also to establish a monastic type of lay community with members who would be in constant prayer together, supporting the community at large with their prayers.

At the time of her call she was a Sister of the Precious Blood and gained permission from her superiors to leave their community to start the Way of Holiness, it is said that her Foundress wanted to join her!

She was able to aquire a building that was housing for nurses from Jasper. The building was moved by truck to its current location. Almost all of the contents, systems, and materials she needed to complete its construction were donated or completed by volunteers who came for weeks or months to live in the community and share there skills.Sr. Mary-Jo was a woman of deep faith she knew that God would always meet her needs.

On Aug. 25th, 1999 she went back to her heavenly home and now it is up to the next generations to continue her vision and mission.

Decades later, Sr. Mary-Jo’s vision has resulted in a transient community of like-minded individuals seeking personal holiness and healing.