Individual , Personal  & Small Group Retreats

The life you lead today can be draining, exhausting, and utterly difficult to navigate. That's why it is important to create a time for intentional withdrawal from the noise of the world surrounding you. Let us help you create a space where you can hear the voice of God, rest, and be rejuvenated at the Way Of Holiness Retreat Center & Lay Community. Walk away from your individual personal retreat feeling refreshed and renewed.

Types Of Individual, Personal & Small Group Retreats

Everyone who comes for a individual, personal & small group retreat comes for a different reason. Some come to just find rest, others come for silence and yet others come to complete a book they are writing or contemplate an important decision in life. Whatever your reason for coming you will have access to our chapel, library, art studio, prayer ministry and the refuge of a Christian facility surrounded by nature. Individual, personal, & small group retreats can be a day, weekend or week length and occasionally monthly lengths can be accommodated. Individual personal retreats are self-led, however our staff will be available for prayer ministry if requested.

  • Silent Retreat
  • Personal Reflection Retreat
  • Life Decision Discernment Retreat
  • Rest & Refresh Retreat
  • Family Retreats
  • Religious/Seminarian
  • Writing Retreat
  • Fasting & Prayer Retreat
  • Creative Art Exploration Retreat
  • Prayer & Spiritual Reading Retreat
  • Small groups of less than 20
  • Self-Hosted group retreats

Individual, Personal, & Small Group Retreat Suggested Donation Fees:

Individual or Personal
$90/night without food
With Food: add $50/person/day

Small group (Less than 20 people)
$100/person/night without food
With Food: add $50/person/day

To book a personal retreat just call us at 78-865-4055 and we will do our best to accommodate your dates

All fees are subject to change without notice. WE DO NOT turn anyone away due to financial hardships.
If fees for individual, personal & small group retreats are burdensome for you financially please let us know by calling us directly  
1-780-865-4055 or emailing us at retreat@wayofholiness.net
Financial help may be available through our Guest Support Fund, but must be arranged at time of booking.

Revenue Canada requires us to set a suggested donation amount for services rendered. Everything given above the suggested donation amount will be issued to a Tax Receipt for your personal income tax.