Our Current Needs

This page is updated as needs arise. We want to thank everyone who has answered the generous call to help us in the past and we are grateful for all those who will help us in the future.

Current Goods Needs

  • Potatoes - We go through a lot of potatoes. 
  • Truck - Heavy duty 4 x 4 truck, Alberta registered, running well, reliable, with tow hitch, we need the truck for hauling garbage to the dump as we do not have garbage pickup, we also need it to move supplies from the town to the retreat center as we work to renovate, repair and rejuvenate the retreat center, it will be our workhorse truck - yes we may need it to tow us out of the driveway! (important we are not looking for a project vehicle as we do not have the finances to fix it)
  • Art supplies - we would like to create a space for art exploration at the retreat center including painting and writing. We are seeking acrylic paints, canvases for painting on, brushes, sketching pencils, transfer paper, sketchbook or multipurpose sketch type book, lined journals, and writing pens of multiple colours. We desire to use this space as a place where people can explore the healing power of creativity.

Current Service Needs

  • Contractor Recommendations - electrical, framing, heating, plumbing, and other general contractors. These people would help us complete renovations that have been started, upgrade systems that have been failing or in need of restructuring or repair, and complete new structures.
  • Cook - we are seeking someone who would like to be a part of our community and cook for the community members and retreatants. They would receive room and board.