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Way of Holiness Retreat Centre and Lay Community provides opportunities for rest, healing, reflection, and prayer through individual retreats, group retreats and facility rentals. We provide a place of solitude to weary souls seeking refuge from the burdens of daily life. With welcoming hearts we invite all Christian people of all backgrounds to come and enjoy our peaceful mountain retreat while they deepen their spiritual life.

The simple truth of our finances is that Way of Holiness Retreat Center & Lay Community relies heavily on donations. It always has and likely always will. This is because of our unique Christian mission and vision of being a place for rest, healing, reflection, and prayer for all Christian people regardless of their income status. Because this is our vision and mission it requires we rely on donations for the bulk of our income source. We do not turn ANY Christian who is in need away!

Even if you are unable support us financially at this time, you can always support us with your prayers - apart from Christ, we can do nothing.
Our primary concern here at Way of Holiness Retreat Center & Lay Community is longevity. It is our goal to keep Sr. Mary Jo's vision and mission alive for many years to come. To accomplish this goal we rely on the generosity of kind people like you.

Thank you for supporting our mission with your donation

Currently we are operating on less than a $1000 recurring donation base per month with basic expenses exceeding $7000 a month and rising each month.

With the rising costs of bills, food and upkeep of the aging retreat center we need to establish a donor base that helps us to not only further the mission of supporting people who need to retreat but also helps ensure we can cover the rising operational costs.

If you would like to see our yearly financials we are very transparent and will gladly share that with you in fact all you have to do is click HERE to see it! 

We are a registered Charity "Way Of Holiness Christian Association of Hinton" #108193707RR0001
We will provide you with a year end tax receipt for your income tax purposes.
All donations go through Square or Stripe secure payment system.
You may also request to donate through e-transfer by calling 780-865-4055

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A BIG HUG and huge THANK YOU for supporting the Christian mission and vision of the Way of Holiness Retreat Center & Lay Community. 

We appreciate your support whether that be financially through your donation or with your ongoing prayers. Please know that we will keep you in our prayers as well. We ask God to bless you each and every day!

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