You are called & gifted  

 Come explore your unique gifts and talents while diving deeper in the charisms

Have you ever found yourself asking questions like,  "Why am I here?" or " What has God Called me to?"

 All are called by Christ and all have a set of gifts waiting to be uncovered.  In this retreat, you will learn the beginning steps of discernment while diving deeply into exploring your unique set of gifts & talents. You will walk away from this retreat blown away by what may have been hiding within you all along!

  • WHEN: Thursday, April 13 @ 6:30 pm (arrival) - Sunday, April 16 @ 1pm (departure)
  • WHERE: Way Of Holiness Retreat Prayer Center Hinton, Alberta - DIRECTIONS
  • WHO: Those who are looking deeper into how God uniquely created them, what their gifts and talents are and how they can use those gifts and talents
  • COST: $200/person 
  • INCLUDES:  Includes lodging, food, conference, supportive materials and gift
Some of the topics we will cover during the conference portion of the retreat include:
  • Introduction to discernment
  • Working Genius Assessment - this is the fastest and simplest way to discover your gifts and transform your work. You will be blown away by what you find out. 
  • Introduction to the Charisms - Including a Charisms assessment and individual time with a retreat leader who will help you take what you learned in your working genius assessment and apply it to what you learn about the Charisms. 

Come and dive deeply into the unique way God has created you!
We will also have a special Divine Mercy Sunday Celebration during the retreat

If you require financial assistance or a payment plan to attend this retreat
 please call: 780-865-4055 or email: retreat@wayofholiness.net we would be happy to help