5 Ways We Hope The Way Of Holiness Blog Will Help You

Way of Holiness has never had a blog, but we have one now, and these are 5 ways we hope it will help you as a Christian.


  Without purpose, there is no reason and without reason, there is no purpose. Which is why I wanted to write this post for you. There are five reasons and purposes I decided to create a blog for the Way Of Holiness Retreat Center & Lay Community.

  1. To help you experience moments of silence. There is much noise in the world we live in. Sometimes it can feel like life is just one big loud rock concert forever screaming in your ear. It is my hope that by spending time reading the faith-based posts you will find a bit more time for silence so that you can encounter God's voice more deeply in your life.
  2. To encourage you. There is much negativity in the world and it is my hope to create a space, where you will feel encouraged, inspired and refreshed. Every future post will be written with these two questions in mind, "How will this post help the person reading it?" and "How will it inspire someone to live their Christian faith more fully?" 
  3. To keep you informed. There are many ways in which information can be shared, however, I find the easiest way is the most direct way, the way that allows people to find the information they want in the quickest way possible. There is always happenings here at the Way of Holiness and sometimes as one person it can be hard to meet the need of those seeking information, so I hope this blog will be the quickest way to get the information to you. Plus, it is a way I will be able to help donors see where their money is going as I share posts around repairs, rejuvenation and renovation of the aging building. Lastly, it will be a way I can share upcoming retreats and outcomes of those retreats with you in real-time.
  4. To inspire you. Whether it be a recipe for a favourite community meal or a story of how someone's life was changed by retreating here it is my desire that every post inspires you in some way.
  5. To help you deepen your faith. Sharing of prayers, stories of faith in action, or resources that will assist you in praying, reflecting and renewing. 

  The purpose and reason of this blog is to inspire, inform, and encourage you in all areas of your life! Life can be hard, lonely and overwhelming at times and I hope you will find the posts here a light in the dark times.

  Know that we pray for all our community members every day...and that includes you. If you would like to send us your prayer requests please feel free to anytime HERE

God Bless,

Kristy-Lea ❤️

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