Meet Our Director

Meet our Way Of Holiness director, Kristy-Lea. Learn more about her journey, who she is, and her vision and mission.

   Hello, it is great to meet you virtually, well at least through words...

   I am Kristy-Lea, the newest director of the Way of Holiness. You are reading the first official blog post on the new website which I am in the midst of designing. 

  It is my mission to carry on the vision of Sr. Mary-Jo here at the retreat center by providing a place of solitude to weary Christian souls seeking refuge from the burdens of daily life.

  I hope this blog will become a source of inspiration for you, help you deepen your faith, and encourage you to be involved with the Way of Holiness Retreat Center Lay Community both online and offline. 


  Well, that starts probably all the way back in the 80s. My dad experienced a miraculous healing here that changed the entire course of my life. My relationship with my dad was healed overnight, my family started to go to church, and I began to encounter Christ in deep and profound ways. By the 90s I was a teen and now got a chance to experience the place where my dad was healed. I remember driving up and feeling the excitement of seeing Sr. Mary-Jo each time. Walking through the doors you could feel the movement of the Holy Spirit. Then in 2002, I was blessed to come back to work on the John Paul II Bible School calendar for the year. Never would I have imagined that 10 years later I would find myself right back here, in the role of director, continuing on the legacy of Sr. Mary-Jo! But here I am! 

FUN FACT: I met my would-be husband during the time I was creating the calendar. He was here with his family hiking. We would marry just over 4 years later...little did I know we would come full circle!


  Way of Holiness Retreat Centre and Lay Community provides opportunities for rest, healing, reflection, and prayer through individual retreats, group retreats and facility rentals. We provide a place of solitude to weary souls seeking refuge from the burdens of daily life. With welcoming hearts, we invite all Christian people of all backgrounds to come and enjoy our peaceful mountain retreat while they deepen their spiritual life. 

  I personally want to see the retreat center carry on the mission Sr. Mary-Jo started so many years ago. Every day I find myself asking God to lead me, guide me and strengthen me to carry on that original vision and mission in today's world.


  • John Paul II Bible School graduate (2000)
  • Good News Messenger Designer and Calendar designer for JPII (2001-2002) 
  • St. Malo Bible School Staff (2002). 
  • I also have experience as an Early Childhood Educator, Special needs caregiver to adults and children, Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist, Aesthetician, Life Coach, Online Business Consultant & Mentor, Graphic Designer, course creator, web developer, and author.


  1. God, my faith and the entire journey of life thus far.
  2. My family.
  3. Nature, literally everything about it, if you come here and it's summer you may just find me in the forest identifying plants, taking in the fresh air or soaking up the silence. Nature is a place where I feel the closest to God.
  4. Art! I love to paint in acrylic, watercolour and oil. I have recently started to learn digital painting in a program called Procreate. I often create handmade gifts and write letters (yes I know it's old-fashioned but I love getting surprises in the mail so I send them to others). 
  5. White sandy beaches and sunshine... ahhh, there is nothing like the feel of the sun on your face, or your feet in powdery white sand, so peaceful, so relaxing and so healing!

Until next time God Bless,


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